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Description of the Six Acts

Not everyone is apt for all the three "Fixings". Those who are bilious by temperament, whose head, nose or heart are warm, who have swollen eyes or any disease are only qualified to do the outer Fixing; likewise those in whose constitution the air element predominates and who cannot see distant objects clearly, or have weak sexual powers. Only those whose sight has no defect and whose temperament is predominantly Iymphatic should do the Intermediate Fixing.

Fixing should never be done while under the influence of anxiety, anger, sorrow, or while studying; it is also forbidden to those who go much in the sun or any intense heat. Fixing can only be successfully accomplished if a restricted diet be followed; although many people practice Fixing who eat meat, drink alcohol and take drugs, this is fundamentally wrong and often sends them blind or insane. It is only after the body has been purified and made supple by following the Observances and Abstinences and practicing the Postures, that the practice of Fixing with the eyes is beneficial.

Since the practice of Fixing makes the eyes and head feel warm, the cleansing of the nose by water should be done after it, and every morning the eyes should be bathed with rose or "triphala-water". The eating of anything which may increase the bile or cause constipation should be avoided. As soon as tears come to the eyes, "Fixing" should be stopped and not done again that day. The best time for practicing it is from 2 to 5 a.m.; at that hour, all is peaceful and the mind easily concentrates.

After practicing "Fixing" for about six months, the seeker sees his wishes materialize, the heart and motives of others become transparent to him and he begins to perceive and know things and events which are happening in far distant places.

(6) The Elephant Act (Gaja Karani) consists in washing out the stomach by drinking large quantities of water and vomiting it up again like an elephant taking water through his trunk.

"Know the elephant act to be the drinking of water to one's fill and returning it and giving it out so that no illness may attack the body." (Bhakti Sagara.)

This Act must be done before taking any food, unless it is to get rid of any poison or unhealthy food eaten. It should be done every morning after cleaning the teeth; the water can be made to return by putting one's finger down the throat, but when the habit of vomiting it up is established, the water can be returned at will. While the water is in the stomach, it is useful to swill it round by the Shaking of the stomach act. When the water comes out clear, it means that no impurity remains in the stomach. This Act is particularly useful for bilious temperaments.

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