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(1) The Breathing Bellows (Kapala bhati)

"Very rapidly breathe in and out lightly like the bellows of a blacksmith. This is known as kapala bhati and is said to cure lymph deficiencies." (Hatha Yoga Pradipika.)

When one has a cold or any mucous in the lungs and the cleansing of the nose with a cloth and washing out of the stomach with a cloth are inadvisable, then the practice of the Breathing Bellows is strongly recommended. It purifies the lungs, stimulates the functions of the head and stomach and clears the central artery of the subtle body. When in bad health, during rains or while traveling it should not be practiced. When done too fast, it may injure the respiratory tracts, and if done with excessive pressure, it may affect the lungs which will lose their strength. This might also weaken the vital energy.

(2) Cleansing of the Digestive Tracts (Shanka pashali kriya): This is a process of muscular control whereby a quantity of water taken by mouth and passing through the digestive tracts is immediately evacuated per rectum. This produces a thorough cleansing of the digestive system, and, by mixing certain herbal preparations with the water, a means of rapidly curing any intestinal infection. In this process the practice of shaking the stomach is very useful.

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