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The Thirty Subsidiary Attainments

(b) ATTAINMENT OF HEARING (shravana) by which he gains in full the divine knowledge of hearing, and experiences the sound of the Syllable of Obeisance AUM.

(c) ATTAINMENT OF FEELING (vedana) through which he gains in full the divine knowledge of touch.

(d) id. SEEING (adarsha) through which he gains the divine knowledge of sight.

(e) id. TASTING (asvadana) through which he gains the divine knowledge of taste.

(f) id. SMELLING (varta siddhi) through which he gains the divine knowledge of odors.

All these six Attainments are great obstacles in the way of Identification (samadhi).

(20) LEAVING AND RE-ENTERING THE BODY. By concentrating on the subtle body, the links which bind it to the gross body are weakened and the adept can then either leave his body, re-enter it or enter any other body.

(21) TO BE BEYOND CONTACT. When the adept concentrates on the vital energy of the cough (udana)--that is, on the vital energy which, originating from the throat, is directed upwards to the head and there controls the reflexes of the face and the subtle body--neither water, mud, nor thorns, nor any other thing, can touch him, nor even death itself have any hold over him.

(22) TO CONTROL THE FIERY ENERGY (samana). The fiery, digestive, vital energy spreads from the navel on all sides equally. It regulates the functions of life, and the balance of the body depends upon it. By concentrating on this fiery energy, the body of the yogi becomes radiant like a glowing fire.

(23) DIVINE HEARING. By concentrating on the sense of hearing and its relation to its medium Ether, the yogi gains divine hearing. He can hear the subtlest, most hidden, or the remotest of sounds, natural or supernatural.

(24) LEVITATION. By concentrating on the relation of the body to the all-pervading Ether, and, thinking of small and light objects such as the fibers of cotton-wool, the yogi is able to travel through space.

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