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The Structure of the Subtle Body

"In the middle of the body is the seat of fire, lustrous like molten gold; triangular in shape in the case of bipeds, quadrangular in the case of quadrupeds, circular in the case of birds, hexagonal in the case of snakes, octagonal in the case of insects, and bright like a lamp." (Trish. Brah. Up. 56-57.)

"Above the sex organs and below the navel there is the bulb-shaped center (Kanda-yoni) resembling the egg of a bird." (Yoga Chudamani Up. 1, 14.)

"In the case of human beings the bulb-shaped center (Kanda) of the subtle body is nine finger breadths from the center of the body, with a height of four finger breadths, and a lateral width of four finger breadths. It is oval-shaped. In the case of birds and quadrupeds, it is in the middle of the belly and in its center is the navel." (Trish. Brah. Up. 58-59.)

"There lies a twelve-spoked Chakra (plexus). In those (spokes) dwell Vishnu and the other gods, and I (i.e. Divinity Ishvara), standing there, cause the plexus to move round with my own power of Illusion (Maya), O best of the Twice-born! The living being whirls among these spokes, one after the other. Like the spider in the middle of its web, the living being moves perched on the vital breath. Without it he does not exist." (Trish. Brah. Up. 60-62.)

"As a ball thrown by the forearm moves onwards so too the living being thrown up and down by the respiratory and excretory energies (prana and apana) knows no respite. In the power of prana and apana, it runs up and down and because of its restlessness can be seen neither on the right nor the left." (Yoga Chudamani Up. 27-28.)

"Above it (the bulb-shaped center) is the place of the coiled energy (kundalini), at the level of the navel and above. It is composed of eight different constituents and is a spiral of eight coils; ever having its place around and by the side of the knot of the navel, always regulating the vital energies (prana and apana) and the onward passage of water, food and the like. It covers with its mouth, the orifice leading to the Principial Aperture (behind the forehead) and is gleaming in the ether of the heart in the form of a serpent intensely shining. When roused by the vital air, it mingles with fire at the time of yoga practice." (Trish. Brah. Up. 62-65.)

"Looking like a snake, she is asleep illumined by her own light, standing like a serpent at the center, she is the Deity of Speech (Vak-devi) spoken of as the Seed [of the Universe]." (Shiva Samhita 5, 77.)

"She is known as the Energy of the Pervader (Vishnu), immaculate, glowing like molten gold. She is the progenitor of the three qualities (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas)." (Shiva Samhita 5, 78.)

"There is said to dwell the Seed of Lust (Kama-bija), red like a Bandhuka flower, its shape is that of letters, it shines like molten gold, and the yogis who have attained Unity perceive it through the power of yoga."

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