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The Gestures, or Mudras

(b) Take the Lotus posture and do five air "rubbings" through the left nostril only. Then inhale, also through the left nostril and hold the breath. Holding the breath, raise and swing the body (lolasana) as above, thinking: "I am waking up the coiled energy." Having held the breath for as long as possible, exhale very slowly through the right nostril. Repeat as many times on the right side as was done on the left.

(4) The Gesture of Great Perforation (maha vedha): "With concentrated mind the yogi seated in Mahabandha breathes in. He stops the movement of the air with the Throat gesture (jalandhara bandha) filling completely the two channels (Ida and Pingala). This is known as Maha Vedha which the Realized (Siddha) ever practice." (Yoga tattva Up. 115-117.)

"O goddess of the three worlds! Bringing together the breathing and excreting energies (Prana and Apana) the wise yogi seated in the Arch-contraction (maha-bandha) fills his belly with air creating pressure on both sides. This is called the Arch Perforation (Mahavedha). (Shiva Samhita 4, 43.)

"Directing the air with the help of this gesture of perforation through the central artery of the subtle body (sushumna) the powerful yogi then pierces through the Principial knot (Brahmagranthi)." (Shiva Samhita 4, 44.)

"The deities which dwell in the middle of the subtle centers (chakras) are shaken under the pressure of air and the coiled energy (kundalini) which is the Arch-Power of Illusion (maha maya) dissolves into Kailasa (i.e. the Center of a thousand petals at the summit of the head." Shiva Samhita 4, 46.)

(5) The Moving-in-the-Void Gesture (Khechari): "The nectar (from the Center of thousand petals) no longer flows into the fire (of the stomach) nor does the vital breath leap out when the tongue turned backwards enters the cavity of the cranium (behind the glottis). If the sight is then fixed between the brows this is known as the Khechari (Moving in the void) gesture." (Dhyana Bindu Up. 79-80.)

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