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The Siddhis, or Attainments

Gradually through the training of yoga, the adept transcends the elements of appearance, conquers the laws of Nature and is able to perform extraordinary feats. The supra-human powers he thus acquires are called the "Attainments", the Siddhis.

These Attainments are of two kinds:

(i) Those which are connected with the apparent laws of Nature are called the "Physical Attainments" or the "Attainments of Illusion" (Maya) for they belong to the physical world which is but the display of the Divine power of Illusion. These Attainments are the greatest obstacles of the adept in his journey towards re-integration. Nature herself, in a final effort to keep the adept within her bonds yields him magic powers; if he uses them for any worldly end, he is apt to fall back into the arms of worldly enjoyments. All true seekers, therefore, are careful not to perform miracles except in very special circumstances.

(ii) Those Attainments which are not of physical nature, but refer to spiritual realization, are called the "Attainments of the 'intrinsic form' (svarupa siddhis)", and are the stages through which the individual being travels on his way towards re-integration.

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