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The Centers, Lotuses, Knots, or Chakras

(2) THE CENTER "SUPPORT-OF-THE-LIFE-BREATH" (sva-adhishthana chakra)

"The second center called 'Support-of-the-life-breath' (Svadhishthana) is at the root of the penis. [White in color], it has six red petals bearing the characters B, Bh, M, Y, R, L. There dwells the Realized Being called the Arrow (bana). The Presiding Deity is Rakini." (Shiva Samhita 5, 98-99.)

In this center is the "Lord of the Water's seed" (Varuna-bija) i.e. the magic character "Vang" carried on the Sea-monster Makara.

This center is connected with the crescent, the element Water, the color white, the sense of taste, the hand (organ of action) and the phenomenon of contraction. Its deity is Vishnu, the Pervader, riding on the bird Wings of Speech, Garuda.

(3) THE LOTUS OF THE NAVEL (nabhi padma)

"The third center, the Jewel-city (manipura), is located in the region of the navel. It has ten golden petals adorned with the letters D, Dh and N (cerebral), T, Th, D, Dh and N (dental), P, Ph. Here dwells the Realized Being, giver of all auspicious things, named Rudra (Lord of Tears). The Presiding Deity of the center is the Supremely Virtuous goddess Lakini." (Shiva Samhita 5, 104-105.)

This center is red in color. Herein lies the Realized Symbol called "the eye of the Lord of Tears" (rudra-aksha-siddha linga) which gives all felicities. Here is the Seed of Fire (Vahni-bija), i.e. the magic character "Rang" carried on a ram.

This center is connected with the triangle, the element Fire, the sense of sight, the anus (organ of action) and the phenomenon of expansion. Its deity is the Lord of Tears (Rudra) riding on a bull.

"The seeker who ever meditates on this Manipura chakra, gains the Patala attainment, giver of all other attainments. Pain and disease are destroyed, all desires fulfilled and Time defeated, and the Seeker can enter into other peoples' bodies. He gains the power of making gold and other precious substances. He knows medicinal plants and can also discover treasures." (Shiva Samhita 5, 106-108.)

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