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Rules for the Performance of the Six Acts

The rules for the performance of the Six Acts are very strict and relate to place and food, physical and mental behavior. These rules must be observed.

The place for the performance of the Acts must be comfortable and undisturbed. The food must be well regulated and include those aliments which develop the good tendencies in the mind; these include milk, ghee, almonds, barley sugar and other nourishing but light foods. The correct behavior for the performance of the Acts is a habit of detachment, forbearance, love of solitude and talking little.

But before practicing any form of yoga a man should practice the rituals of worship which prepare him for it, through these, he will meet with less difficulty and fewer obstacles.

It may be necessary also to repeat here that no one of these practices should be attempted without the guidance of a qualified teacher. Without proper guidance they are likely to be unsuccessful and may even be harmful.

Although the methods given for the six acts in books composed more than two thousand years ago may seem to us now rather primitive one should not forget that the remarkable mastery over internal muscular movements they imply is of the utmost value in the attempt of the yogi to control every reaction and reflex of the physical body.

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