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The Gestures, or Mudras

"Knowing the male seed as the lunar principle and the woman seed as the solar principle one should make them enter united in one's body." (Shiva Samhita 4, 86.)

"If I who am the male seed and Shakti who is the female seed are united, then, when performing this practice, the yogi gains a divine body (i.e. his body becomes like that of the gods)." (Shiva Samhita 4, 87.)

"The falling of seed leads towards death the keeping of one's seed is life. Hence with all his power should a man hold his seed." (id. 4, 88.)

"In this world all is born from seed and dies of seed. Knowing this the yogi should always keep his seed." (id. 4, 89.)

"By this practice even the man who indulges in worldly pleasures can attain realization, and all wished for results can in this world be achieved." (id. 4, 93).

"There are two varieties of Vajroli named Sahajoli and Amaroli. The yogi should in any case try to avoid loosing his seed." (id. 43 95.)

"If by chance the sperm should suddenly fall and the union of moon and sun (male and female seed) take place, this is known as Amaroli. The united seeds should then be drawn up again through the lingam." (id. 4, 96.)

"When his seed begins to move but the yogi is able through the yoni gesture to stop it, this is known as Sahajoli and is a most secret process in all the scriptures of earthly wisdom." (id. 4, 97.)

"At the time of giving out his urine he should strongly draw up the (apana) air and giving out very little urine draw it up again according to the instructions of the guru. Practicing this always will help in controlling the seed and lead to great attainment." (Shiva Samhita 4, 101, 102.)

(9) The Instigator-of-Energy Gesture (Shakti chalana): The wise yogi taking the help of the Apana vital energy, vigorously drawn in, compels the sleeping coiled energy to move. This is the Instigator of Energy gesture which gives all powers." (Shiva Samhita 4, 105.)

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