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The Gestures, or Mudras

"If the tongue of the yogi goes up but for one instant that instant is enough for all his ailments to be destroyed, for old age and death to become impossible." (Shiva Samhita 3, 95.)

"He who practices yoga in this way becomes beautiful like another God of love and never suffers from hunger, thirst, sleepiness, nor does he ever faint." (Shiva Samhita 3, 97.)

(6) The Inverted-instrument Gesture (Viparita-Karani-mudra): Sit with both legs spread in front, the hands on the knees and do five air "rubbings". Then breathe in through both nostrils and hold the breath for as long as possible, thinking: "I am waking up the coiled energy." Then breathe out as slowly as possible.

This Act helps in withdrawing the senses from their external objects and facilitates the digestive functions.

The Shiva Samhita, however gives the Inverted-instrument gesture action as a form of the head posture.

"Placing the head on the ground, raise both feet up in the air, this is the inverted action which all the makers of the rules of wisdom (tantras) keep secret." (Shiva Samhita 4, 69.)

"The great yogi who practices this gesture daily for one watch (three hours) conquers death and even at the time of universal destruction remains unharmed." (Shiva Samhita 4, 70.)

(7) The Yoni Gesture (yoni mudra) is the contraction of the yoni place behind the male organ.

"First with the help of in-breathing (Puraka) draw in the mind with the breath to the basic Center (Adhara) (and maintain it there firmly). Then try to contract the yoni place between the male organ and the anus." (Shiva Samhita 4, 1.)

"Then concentrate on Lust (Kama) which, in the shape of an arrow shining like a thousand suns but cool like a thousand moons, lies in the center of the Principial yoni. Above it is a subtle tongue of light which is Consciousness, the Supreme Energy (Kala), and, in union with it is the one Supreme Self on whom one should meditate." (Shiva Samhita 4, 2-3.)

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