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Description of the Main Postures

(10) The Posture of the Thunderbolt (Vajrasana): Place the left heel below the bulb center (between navel and sex organ) and throw the other over it with neck, head and body straight; this is said to be the posture of lightning (Vajrasana)." (Yoga Kundali Up. 1, 6.)

Every posture when made very tense is also called Vajra, such as Vajra-padma-asana.

(11) The Head Posture (Shirshasana): There are several head postures, but the following one is the most important. On the ground place a soft cloth rolled round, and the head upon it. Then, placing both palms on the ground beside the head, raise the body erect. The three muscular contractions now take place automatically. This is also called the "Inverted gesture" (Viparita Karani mudra) or sometimes the "Skull gesture" (Kapali mudra). In it, the subtle vital-breath first tries to escape through the main artery of the subtle body by way of the Root Center (Muladhara chakra), but then returns and is carried by the movement of the blood in the direction of the head. This process automatically awakens the coiled energy, kundalini; the Principial Sound, Nada, arises very swiftly and the mind becomes concentrated.

This posture should be practiced for only one or two minutes at first and then very gradually increased up to one hour. Several authors claim that this posture may be practiced for three hours on end, but this can only be done by adepts and even then only providing that they are balanced, strong and young. For the maintenance of good health, one hour is all that is needed, although for the cure of diseases arising from unbalanced air, bile, or Lymph and of all kinds of fever, practice up to three hours a day may be enjoined. While practicing this posture, a man should be very careful to take large quantities of ghee and milk, otherwise it has deleterious effects. It should be practiced in the morning before taking food: after food or at night it is harmful. It should also never be practiced twice during the same morning. It is dangerous to wash the hands or face, to take a cold bath or walk in the open immediately after it. It should be practiced neither before performing the natural functions nor after a bath; even after breathing exercises, it may be harmful. Other postures may however, be practiced before it. This posture is prohibited for those weak in the head, or whose head is hot, who have red eyes or such ailments as lung affections, rapid heart, madness, insomnia, etc.

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