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Description of the Main Postures

The eyes should be focused on the tip of the nose. The feet become quickly supple in this posture and the Root contraction (mula bandha) is easy. This posture greatly aids in directing the digestive vital energy (apana tattva) upward and cures many diseases.

(4) The Auspicious Posture (Svastikasana): "In Svastikasana the soles or both the feet are said to be placed upon the knees one after the other." (Trishikhi Brahmana Upanishad 35.)

The left foot should be underneath, the right foot on the top. When other postures are not advisable on account of a state of weak health, this posture is recommended.

(5) The Posture of Re-integration (Yogasana): "Pressing the anus with both ankles crossed and controlling all movements is known as the posture of re-integration by the adepts of yoga." (Trishikhi Brahmana Upanishad 38.)

(6) The Liberated Posture (Muktasana): "In the Liberated Posture the right and left heels joined are placed pressing the 'seam' (between the anus and testicles) on both sides." (Trishikhi Brahmana Upanishad 46.)

The rest of the posture, the Net-holding contraction, hand gesture, sight etc. are as in the Posture of Attainment.

In the beginning of the practice of this posture, the nerves of the feet feel as if drawn and the feet do not rest comfortably on the ground, but after some practice, these discomforts disappear. This posture supples the muscles and, if it be practiced first, it is easy afterwards to practice the Lion posture, the posture of Prosperity and the Drawing back (West) posture. It is a very favorable posture for practicing the Root contraction.

(7) The Lion Posture (Simhasana): "Pressing the 'seam' with both ankles crossed and stretching the hands over the knees is the Lion's posture." (Trishikhi Brahmana Upanishad 44.)

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