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The Results of Abstinences and Observances

"The abstinences and observances each number five; by practicing them for their given purpose they yield diverse results, by practicing them without desire they lead to liberation." (Vishnu Purana VI, 7, 38).

The Abstinences

(1) The result of nonviolence: The result of nonviolence is to eradicate feelings of hostility in any being or thing.

"Near him in whom nonviolence has fully taken root, all beings renounce enmity." (Yoga Darshana 2, 35.)

(2) The result of truth: Words of a truth-teller have amazing power; not only is it impossible for anyone to doubt him, but even nature bends before him as before its own law.

"He in whom truth is fully rooted [his words must] bear fruit." (Yoga Darshana 2, 36.)

(3) The result of non-stealing: The tendency of Nature to veil her possessions disappears before him who practices non-stealing.

"Those who firmly practice non-stealing: all precious things come of themselves to them." (Yoga Darshana 2, 37.)

(4) The result of chastity: Chastity strengthens all the faculties, the chaste can conquer even the Self. Their body, mind and senses become capable of doing extraordinary feats.

"Those who practice full chastity gain great power." (Yoga Darshana 2, 38.)

(5) The results of non-possession: When the yogi has truly renounced possessiveness, the enigma of human destiny and success resolves itself. Nature no longer hides the secret of Fate.

"When non-possession is firmly established, [past, present and future] births become known." (Yoga Darshana 2, 39.)

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