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The Thirty Subsidiary Attainments

The results of this Attainment of "Victory over the Sensory Perceptions" are that the yogi automatically gains the Attainments of "translevitation" (manojavitva), "bodiless perception" (vikarana-bhava) and "conquest of Nature" (Pradhana jaya). The "power of translevitation" is to be able to transport oneself bodily at will to any distance. By its means, the body, with the speed of thought, can be transported anywhere. The power of bodiless perception is to perceive through the senses anywhere at any time without the body being present. The "conquest of Nature", which gives power over all processes of development, is to get to the root of the evolution of Nature.

(28) THE KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THINGS. When he attains the knowledge of the difference which exists between the "seen", which is the universal intellect (buddhi), immanent cause of the universe, and the "seer" who is the Cosmic Being or Person (Purusha), efficient cause of the universe, the yogi gains mastery over all that is, and over the process of knowing. Then the inner faculties are purified and the pure light of the Supreme Self illumines them, and the yogi becomes Lord of all that exists and the knower of all things.

(29) THE KNOWLEDGE OF TIME. The time during which an atom, the limit of divisibility of space, moves its own length is the "time-atom", or "instant" (kshana). Its uninterrupted flow is known as "sequence" (krama). By concentrating on it, discernment (viveka) and the knowledge attained through experience (anubhava siddha jnana) arise.

Since each instant arises from the previous one and that previous one from the one before, the manifestation of the whole universe must have arisen as a result of one first instant. By concentrating on the nature of this instant and its sequence, faultless knowledge is gained. Through understanding the instants, the yogi can visualize the full nature of things and know the past, present and future.

(30) THE TRANSCENDENT ATTAINMENT (para-siddhi). The Attainments so far were not transcendent, they pertained to the world of forms, but, through detachment born of the light of discernment, the yogi can see the seed of evil destroyed and can attain unfettered Liberation.

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