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The Centers, Lotuses, Knots, or Chakras

(5) THE CENTER OF "GREAT PURITY" (Vishuddha chakra)

"In the throat region is the fifth lotus named Great Purity (Vishuddha) glowing like good gold, (although some say smoke colored). It has sixteen letters, which are the vowels A, Aa, I, Ii, U, Uu, Ri, Rii, Lri, Lrii, E, Ae, 0, Ao, An, Ah. Here is the Realized Being named Chhagalanda (the goat's egg). The presiding goddess is Shakini (the Leafed)." (Shiva Samhita 5, 116.)

Here dwells, in its hermaphroditic form, the Lord of Dance, Nateshvara, half white, half golden. This center is the door of liberation and, by meditating upon it, the Adept comes to know past, present and future. Here dwells the Seed of Ether (Ambara-bija), i.e. the magic character " HANG" carried on a white elephant.

It is connected with the spiral or circle, the element Ether, the sense of hearing, the mouth (organ of action) and the phenomenon of space. Its deity is the Lord who upholds Illusion (Mayadhisha) or Shiva the Eternal (Sada Shiva).

"The man who ever concentrates on this center becomes a scholar in the Sacred Knowledge, and a prince amongst yogis. In this lotus of Great Purity, he witnesses the four Scriptures of Eternal Wisdom (the Vedas) with their secret meaning like an ocean of Treasures." (Shiva Samhita 5, 117.)

"If the anger of the yogi who has established himself in this center is aroused then most certainly the three worlds tremble." (Shiva Samhita 5, 118.)

Shiva speaks: "In this place is found the third linga, the emblem of the Fourth Stage which is my own self, the giver of Liberation. By merely concentrating on it, the Lord of yogis becomes identified with me." (Shiva Samhita 5, 125.)

(5a) THE CENTER OF DALLIANCE (lalana chakra)

This secondary center lies above the center of Great Purity and below the sixth center or Center of Command. It is sometimes called the "center of craft", kala chakra. It has twelve petals which are connected with the following tendencies: faith (sraddha) satisfaction (santosha), disregard (aparadha), repression (dama) honor (mana), tenderness (sneha), purity (shuddhata), enmity (arati, i.e. detachment vairagya); wandering (sambhrama, i.e. mental agitation), and distress (urmi, which is of six kinds sorrow error, old-age, hunger, thirst and death).

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